Make a statement through photography...

How It Works


We offer you a comfortable space where you can be yourself and enjoy the experience.


Our friendly staff will greet you to start your day. Our MUA will be ready to pamper your face and bring out your beautiful features.


During the photoshoot, if you prefer a one-on-one with Orlett W., that’s what you will receive.


During your shoot, you'll receive several hints related to posing and hand positions during your three-hour photoshoot. I’ll check through the lens, on different angles and positions and posing. Our goal is to show your best self.


Snacks will be provided throughout the photoshoot. Wine or champagne doesn’t suit you; feel free to enjoy our non-alcoholic beverages. Coffee and tea are always served.


Get ready for the memories, and enjoy the experience. It’s all about you!

“Our goal was to print my images on fabric. Our vision is to share the beauty and the love of landscapes, geometrics and abstracts with the world. Our designs are as individual as you. And we feel strongly about showing your beauty through art and movement and style and grace. Indulge in a luxury. The luxury, the beauty and the feel of silk is my preference.”

~ Orlett Pearson McCall